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Executive Director
Name: Greg Lecount
Greg is an experienced manager and director with over 15 years of athletic coaching experience. Under his leadership, several of his basketball teams earned titles in championships and tournaments. In 2003 he led his Baltimore Cougars girls 12 and under team to state and national championship runner up. Other teams he has coached are Radford High School and Maryknoll in Hawaii, Dunbar HS in Maryland, and St. Andrews School in Saratoga Ca. Most recently he has joined the staff for Foothill College Women’s Basketball team.

Director's Statement from Greg:

My early life was quite challenging, growing up in the projects of Baltimore. Though there was a lot of color, and a lot of close bonds, the idea of leading a positive life didn’t seem realistic and role models were few and far between. The only positive outlet for our young energy was the one recreation center in our neighborhood where we would wait outside for the chance to play ping pong or shoot pool. The only other options we had that even remotely came close to being positive was playing sports like football, basketball and baseball and even those most of the time had no structure or discipline.

Most of us still were involved with cliques that were formed around protecting territories and petty rivalry. These activities often led us into crime, drugs, and gangs. In my teens, I made the decision that I would not spend my life here. I joined the Marines and began the process of reshaping and directing my life. I found my abilities in athletics and began coaching. For many years I encouraged young people to devote themselves to discipline, engaging their minds and abilities, and doing something positive with their lives.

Many of my athletes with few options ended up in college. I believe that young people should be given the chance to find that one activity that inspires them to make good decisions in their lives. Every child needs a positive focus and constructive goals, and my hope is plant that seed in every young life.

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