Meet Our Staff

Misael Cortez - Instructor
My name is Misael Cortez, but I go by Misa. I'm a Sophomore at Laguna Creek High School. In the past I have volunteered as a helper for kids programs in church. I currently tutor Izaiah in Recreation Plus.

Medea K. Beal - Instructor
I graduated from Georgia State University Language Arts and Sciences, cum laude. After graduation I took English-Georgian, Georgian-English Simultaneous Interpreting Courses. I also am a Certified Georgian and English Languages Proficiency Tester. I teach ESL to various age group students and my approach is based on individual needs. I use combined standard and non standard methods of teaching. My... [ View Full Profile ]

Ben Glass - Instructor
My name is Ben. I have had lots of experience working/mentoring kids. My skills include chess, piano and a variety of sports. I am very patient understanding and caring with kids. I love helping them grow by teaching and setting a great example.

Jaime Wynn - Instructor
Subjects: Art
Passed in 2014 Jaime Wynn was an educator and artist. She was trained as a community muralist at Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center of San Francisco and has directed and participated in over 40 mural projects engaging children, high school students, seniors and international artists. In 2006 she completed her MA in Education at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. She then went on to d... [ View Full Profile ]

Eric Nakagawa - Instructor
Subjects: Director Screen Printing services
Hello all, my name is Eric Nakagawa. I'am a graphic arts major at the Art Institute of California in Sacramento. I love sports, art and sharing my experiences with younger generations. I know when I was a child my father Greg LeCount shared his love of sports with me and it gave me an outlet that I continue to use and feel grateful for to this day. So if i can do the same for my children as we... [ View Full Profile ]

Sara Cortez - Instructor
Subjects: Rec Plus Admin
My name is Sara. I'm currently working with recreation plus on the accounting portion of the business. In the past I have worked with kid programs in church and I have been a stay at home mother who cares for my children and I also baby sit.

Lydia LeCount - Administration Director
Subjects: Admin
A qualified, competent and professional administrator with over 30 years experience in various types of businesses. Strong background in customer relations as well as accounting. She is also employed with Starbucks & spends her spare time helping out with Community events.

Greg Lecount - Executive Director
Greg is an experienced manager and director with over 15 years of athletic coaching experience. Under his leadership, several of his basketball teams earned titles in championships and tournaments. In 2003 he led his Baltimore Cougars girls 12 and under team to state and national championship runner up. Other teams he has coached are Radford High School and Maryknoll in Hawaii, Dunbar HS in Maryla... [ View Full Profile ]

Osvaldo Cortez - Instructor
My name is Osvaldo but I go by Ozzie, I am currently a student at Sacramento City College,looking to study for Electrical Engineering I help Recreation Plus with inventory and I make their apparel.

Karen Sabetan - Instructor
Karen Sabetan is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and a health coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. She provides simple solutions for healthy living through fun interactive workshops and classes for individuals. She has lived in Israel, Panama and Costa Rica.

Paulo F. Ferreira - Instructor
I am a Visual artist and I have been teaching young people at Nimbus Arts for the last five years. I have found great satisfaction in being able to share my knowledge of Art and Life subjects with them in a friendly, fun and positive way.

Jessica "Jade" Lotz - Instructor
Community building, adventure storytelling, dance flash-mobs and more! Jade is a NYC native teaching artist who takes a holistic approach to fitness through utilizing meditation, creative movement and immersive play. Through working with bodies of all ages and sizes, she facilitates exciting sessions with a strong focus on positive reinforcement and challenge based goals. Her dance and fitness bas... [ View Full Profile ]

Leah Samelson - Instructor
Bay Area born and raised, Leah has been performing and training acrobatics her whole life. She graduated from the professional training program at the Circus School of Quebec city, and has developed her teaching career alongside her artistic career. Inspired by the impact a healthy body can have on both physical and psychological well-being, Leah uses her unique background to build confidence and ... [ View Full Profile ]

Yvonne Theberge - Instructor
Hi my name is Yvonne. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I've been a trainer since 2005 and a therapist since 2014. I have been an active person my entire life, beginning my Taekwondo career at age 10. I love learning about the body and what it's capable of doing despite the odds. I love teaching and sharing fitness knowledge with all ages and levels, helping folks... [ View Full Profile ]

Michelle Kui - Instructor
Subjects: Dance Instructor
Joined and danced with local youth performing arts group called Reincarnation after graduating from Mills High School. Studied Performing Arts and Dance in College of San Mateo along with College of San Mateo Performance Dance Ensemble (CSMPDE) as Dancer, Choreographer and Student Director for Student Fall and Spring Showcases, under Heidi Jones Eggert and Apryl Renee Pipe. Trained with Choreograp... [ View Full Profile ]

Brittany Agustin - Instructor
Subjects: Sage Park Homework Club
I am 21 year old ambitious student. I’m currently attending Santa Monica College to get my degree in fashion and merchandising. My senior year in high school I got the pleasure of working with Recreation plus . As well as meeting some of the worlds best kids . Unfortunately I had to step back and start college out of state but I’m back and so excited to be working with children again. ... [ View Full Profile ]

Joseph Lee Robinson - Instructor
Subjects: Sage Park Homework Club
I am 22 Years of age and I attend Santa Monica College. My major is business and I have one year left before I transfer. I love helping kids, as I have five siblings of my own. I have a upbeat personality with a positive attitude. I enjoy playing basketball and video games on my spare time. I am very excited about becoming apart of Recreation plus !

cynthia chang - Instructor
Subjects: Tai Qi
Cynthia has taught Tai Qi for over 35 years. Instructor of Chinese Medicine in the Holistic Health Dept, San Francisco State University. She is very knowledgeable in nutrition, cupping and moxibustion, meditation and healing.

Sachiyo Tomita - Instructor
Subjects: Yoga
Jyothi Sachiyo Tomita has been a Yoga instructor since June of 2008. She was certified as a Yoga instructor at Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco, where she presently teaches. At IYI, Jyothi finished Basic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga , Gentle Yoga, and Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training. Jyothi's goal is to teach Yoga to as many students as possible so that they can stay healthy physically and ... [ View Full Profile ]