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Recreation Plus works with school districts to offer enrichment opportunities during after-school hours. We work hard to keep our offerings diverse and exciting, while maintaining the highest standard of excellence in the classroom or on the field.
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MusIQ Club

We are very excited to inform parents, we will soon be adopting a wonderful, comprehensive music literacy program for our students called ‘MusIQ Club’. MusIQ Club helps children develop a strong foundation in music with real reading and performing skills that lay a solid foundation for all future learning.

This music literacy program was selected by the American Federation of Teachers to represent 21st century elementary music programs. MusIQ Club’s interactive software has received numerous awards for excellence in education and is endorsed by Music Conservatories and School districts across North America. From day one children in MusIQ Club interact with music in a well-balanced approach that provides social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. With this unique multi-level program students will receive tangible benefits, children will actually learn to read music, play piano, improvise and compose from preschool age through High School.

Reading music and Playing Piano provides a strong foundation in music!

As part of this program, we encourage all parents to adopt a daily practice routine at home as this greatly enhances a child’s skill developmental, supports in-class lessons and adds to the quality of this program. A computer & piano keyboard with USB interface are required to take advantage of the award winning interactive software. We know you will enjoy seeing your child develop each day, there’s something magical about how children respond to this opportunity.

As part of our program we will provide access to download the software for use at home. We encourage you to read the parent testimonies, information about practicing and other information we send on this program.

We will also provide at parents request, lightweight 49 Key Piano Keyboards with full sized keys and USB connection to the computer, which can be purchased for a special price in a group purchase. Please see the keyboard information sheet for more details.


What the experts say:

Mary Stouffer

  • Director of the Early Childhood Music Education Program at Seneca College
  • Advanced Certificate for Early Childhood Music Education
  • Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Kodály Diploma
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Music and Teacher Training
  • Master of Music

  • "I reviewed the curriculum and played through many of the lessons using my own piano keyboard, but what impacted me the most was observing children actively engaged in the programs. It was very beneficial to view the classes, and I was very impressed at how focused the children were during their music class and how much they enjoyed all aspects of the lesson. The addition of singing games and movement to the lessons creates a complete curriculum and surpasses anything students may be experiencing presently in school music classes."
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    Stephen Green

  • Dean of the Victoria Conservatory of Music
  • Former E.D. of Children’s Music Foundation
  • Former E.D. and Dean of Education
  • Royal Conservatory of Music

  • "As the Adventus software titles have evolved over the past decade and a half to what they are today, I have seen (at least since 2005 when I was first introduced to them) a very robust curriculum emerge, that for instance, considering the Children’s Music Journey titles, offers young children a very imaginative way to approach learning about music."
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    Programs For Living Communities

    Our programs for living communities are designed to provide solutions for the residents living within that community. We provide something for people of every age that is sure to add enrichment to any community.

    When asked what her favorite thing about homework club is Fatima (age10) said.
    " I like that home work club gives us time to do our homework and we get free time when we are done with our homework."

    Any suggestions?
    " No it is perfect, It should be 2 hours intead of 1 and it should be 3 days a week!"

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    Art Expressions
    Each day your child will be introduced to a famous artist by looking at and discussing one of their artworks. Then your child will use this inspiration to experiment with techniques such as charcoal pencils, pastels, watercolor and clay.
    Kids in this class will learn how to make characters and stories come to life using visual art, story-telling, and creative drawing techniques.
    Health and Nutrition
    H.E.A.L Healthy eating and living
    Using the power of creative learning adventures, Recreation Plus will help kids take charge of growing up healthy, happy, and fit. We hope to provide parents, and their child with the best in creative resources to help them make nutrition and health come alive in their settings. This is a two hour workshop will include interactive learning with tools from the Foodplay group (an award winning child nutrition program), exercises designed so that anyone can participate, and hands on preparation with healthy foods and snacks. Parents are encouraged to stay for the first 45 minutes to view the video.
    Performing arts
    Hip Hop Dance
    This class teaches kids how to move to their favorite music. Kids will learn fun combination steps and routines in this new and popular style of dance.
    This class provides an introduction to piano for students who are new to the keyboard, to encourage further study in music, or initiate a life-long hobby of piano playing. Class will use an original technique to introduce kids to reading sheet music, feeling and understanding rhythm, and playing simple songs.
    Recreation Plus sports programs focus on team-building, self-esteem, and skill training. Our motto for all sports is learning is the goal, winning is the outcome. Instead of simply organizing games, Recreation Plus sports focus on workshopping athletic skills.
    Class Schedules